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Electric Installation Material


Wholesale and retail

From the company foundation in 2008, wholesale and retail targets are pursued by three stores in Slovakia. With the help of a network of sales persons we reach customers from all over the country and deliver the goods to customers by our transport in a very short time totally free.

Cooperation with the largest manufacturers and suppliers of lamps and lighting equipment allows us to offer to customers always up to date, attractive in design and reasonably priced lamps. Clients have a chance to see our lighting showrooms and choose from the best on the current market offer. In the field of electrical installation materials we equally focus on quality, innovative and affordable components . There are three stores in Slovakia: in Povazska Bystrica, Tvrdosin and Namestovo.

In the wholesale and retail trade our strategy is to approach the customers individually. Preparation of quotations and professional advice to clients through our trained staff is offered free of charge. After establishing a subsidiary IMAO electric, s.r.o. in the Czech Republic we opened our store in the town Veľké Mezirici, where we offer, similarly as to the Slovak customers, a wide range of electro installation material, accessories and lightings. IMAO as well develops wholesale and retail activities in the territory of Croatia, where the brand IMAO managed to establish itself on the market in a very short time.


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